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Evaluation of use of Acidification

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Acidification of animal slurry - a review

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Solar Impulse Assessment summary report - Syren System - ID1002 BioCover ASR

See PDF here - read more of slurry during application

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Increased phosphrous avaialbility with acidification

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Experiences with 7 years of acidification using SyreN system 25th international Symposium of the International Scientific Center for Fertilizers – Groningen NL 2017​

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Reduction of ammonia losses after spreading of cattle slurry to grassland by acidification and injection

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Acidification of cattle slurry

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Acidification of slurry in barns, stores and during application:
review of Danish research, trials and experience

Acidinfaction of animal slurry
Journal of Environmental Management, 2015

Policies for agricultural nitrogen management
Trends, challenges and prospects for improved efficiency in Denmark, 2014

Making the best use of slurry
Agrifuture No 3 - 2013 - Piadin

New application for H2SO4 in Slurry
Hans Christian Mengel - ESA Meeting

Acid approach to slurry spreading
Profi international 02.02.2012

Acidification of slurry

Agrotec - Thorkild Birkemose

Examples of implementing manure processing technologies at the farm level in the baltic sea region
JTI - Erik Sindhöj

VERA Verification Statement
VERA Verification Statement - SyreN, 02-10 2012

Green House Gas emisson for SyreN system
Aarhus University - Steen Gyldenkærne

Effect of acidification and soil injection of animal slurry on ammonia and odour emission
Aarhus University - Tavs Nyord

Animal slurry acidification: more than a solution for ammonia emssions adatement
Mauresource - D. Fangueiro

Scientific assessment on field acidification using the SyreN acidification technology
Development - BioCover A/S

Alfam model​

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Advantages with syren​

Here you can read more about the advantages of the SyreN / SyreN+ system.
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syren estimates

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