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BioCover A/S Short history:

BioCover is a Danish company founded in 2009 by owner and CEO Morten Toft. The SyreN System project started as a result of the Danish government introducing legislation to inject all slurry into the soil. The SyreN System emerged as a vision of avoiding injection by converting the ammonia gas to ammonium salt during application, thereby being able to avoid injection and leave the slurry on top of the soil. This enables the use of wide working with and avoids heavy power consumption by the injection process. The process is also a huge environmental benefit as it is turning a significant pollution problem into increased crop growth as a sustainable and profitable fertilizer. As the project progressed, it became clear that the SyreN System process also made significant volumes of phosphorus plant available and supplied the correct amount of Sulphur as plant available sulphate.

The SyreN system is able to capture up to 70% of the ammonia emission from slurry application. As the ammonia emission is a serious air pollutant, causing P.M 2.5 and P.M. 10 particulate matter, it is a major contribution to reduction in air pollution. Reactive ammonia is the major cause of eutrophication of sensitive ecosystems and the aquatic environment, leaving the SyreN System to be a world class environmental protection at the same time as being a profitable fertilization system.


  • 2007. The idea of the mobile acidification system started.
  • 2009. Start of BioCover. Innovation grant of ½ Mio €. 5 prototypes of SyreN System were set into production and were tested after the VERA protocol. 2 EP patents filed for SyreN System.
  • 2010. 5 systems in the field. Approval of mobile acidification by EPA to be used instead of injection at pH 6.4. Winner Agromek price
  • 2011. 19 systems in the field.
  • 1012. 24 systems in the field. Ep patent on SyreN+. Winner EPA CSR Award. Winner Baltic Manure Handling Award
  • 2013. 79 Systems running and the first SyreN+ in the field. Winner EU-CSR Award
  • 2014. 93 systems in the field.
  • 2015. 98 systems in the field. Reversal of legislation - serious setback for market demand
  • 2016. 115 systems in the field. Danish nitrogen quota legislation abandoned – further setback for demand.
  • 2017. 120 systems in the field. Grant of 5.4 Mio. € for Baltic acidification project. Export of 3 systems. 1 Mio. grant for SyreN e-missioN. EU BAT status.
  • 2018. 126 systems in the field. Export of 3 systems. Scale-up Denmark finalist. MI ½ Mio € investment for 20 % shares. 1 EP and 1 US patent filed for Changes.
  • 2019. 133 systems in the field. Export of 3 systems. Winner Solar Impulse sustainable brand. 1 EP patent for e-missioN filed.
  • 2020. 146 systems in the field. Export of 9 systems. Vogelsang Co operation. MI 1 Mio. € Investment for additional 25 % shares. ½ Mio. grant for e-missioN. National Winner Energy Globe – world Award for sustainability

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