Acidifying slurry is a tool to minimise ammonia emission. SyreN is a mobile acidification system for slurry, which uses sulphuric acid to acidify the slurry. The acid is stored in the front of the tractor in a IBC tank which again is contained in a collision proofed cage. The acid is then added to the slurry during application of the slurry in the field. The advantage of adding the acid to the slurry during application is that the acid consumption is minimised, because only the liquid fraction is acidified, whereas the heavy faction remains more or less unchanged.


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French Presentation:

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SyreN has a unique monitoring system for slurry application

The system has the possibility of having a gps and gprs installed.
- When this is installed, the system has the opportunity to track its trip, and document the pH in the slurry. 

Alfam model

Here you can read more about the advantages of the SyreN / SyreN+ system.
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